blurred edges – Take Care : Mo, 12.06.2023

Beginn 20 Uhr

Dong Zhou, performance
b_in bad weather, performance
Wang Zixu, stage design

b_in bad weather, a collective character based in Düsseldorf, and Dong Zhou, composer and performer based in Hamburg compose a dialogue between each other and among the audience within the conception of “take care.” Speaking about the impulse of self-care, caring for others as well as being taken of (un)willingly in relation to the intricate experience of the Asian diaspora. In attempting to create a sonic as well as visual vibration in the spacious white cube, this performance duo wishes to accompany the audience wandering through breaking and healing, listening and caring.

Caring and being taken care of is relational, meaning not only that it happens when connections are built, i.e. in relations, but is inevitably entangled with interpersonal power relations that are caused by gaze, sentiment, and negotiation. Placing relations, in which actors perform reciprocally, beyond interpersonal communication, orders and discourses emerge. The one that takes care and that being taken care of stand in a certain relation where hidden structures and patterns become visible.

How do you care?

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