Blurred edges – Büro für problematische Komposition: Multimedia takes the rIsk

Mo, 13.06.2022, 20:00 Uhr

Lin Chen: percussion Ensemble Variante Farac Akbarov: clarinet Nariman Akbarov: cello Performance and print operator: KLARA (DE) Multimedia Composer: Greg Beller (FR), Xiao Fu (CN), Johannes Kreidler, Aigerim Seilova (KAZ), Jacob Sello, Stefan Troschka

The office for problematic composition is an association of multimedia composers and video artists. Taking risks and trying them out, as well as putting the experiment central to the ensemble is an obligation for all its members. In addition to the members of the ensemble, we will feature several guests. Johannes Kreidler’s work Fremdarbeit will be performed for the first time in Hamburg.

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