„two improvising duos“

Di. 04.06.2019 – 20:00 Uhr

Fragile and polyrhythmical networks

Uon Duh:

„Zuerst nur Klang, entfaltet sich diese Musik aus sich selbst heraus. Wie eine Sandburg, die langsam in sich zusammenfällt. uon duh improvisieren fragmentarische Rhythmen über ausdrucksvolle Melodien, die jederzeit enden könnten. Eine sanfte, stetige Wiederholung zukünftiger Gewissheiten.“ Konstantin Bessonov: Drums, Percussion, Electronics. Simon Roessler: Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizers. Sound comes first, the music unfolds from within. Like a castle of sand falling apart. The two Hamburg based musicians Konstantin Bessonov and Simon Roessler improvise fragile rhythms over expressive melodies that might end any time. A soft and steady repetition of future beliefs.

Louise Vind Nielsen & René Huthwelker

Louise Vind Nielsen is a danish Hamburg-based conceptual sound, performance and visual artist as well as a composer. For her musical compositions the psychophysical effects of minimalism, harsh noise and repetitive patterns are central, including analog synthesizer, sequencing, voice, samples, tapes and contact mics on various materials. René Huthwelker is a member of the Hamburg based polymedial artist collective „Niedervolthoudini“. His solo performances emphasize minima- listic repetitions that are created by analogue-synthetic loops of feedback. Making use of polyrhythmic networks he builds these spheres to intensively pulsating structures.

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Part of  blurred edges – Festival für aktuelle Musik Hamburg 31.5. – 16. Juni 2019
blurred edges 2019 wird gefördert von der Kulturbehörde Hamburg und der Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung

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